My first patent

This is super exciting for me. I found out just a few days ago that a patent I filed for while at HashiCorp was granted. This is the first one I’ve had granted out of a half-dozen filings over the years, so it’s really exciting to finally see my name out there!

Check out USPTO# US11223526B1 Cloud computing infrastructure pipelines with run triggers which outlines a novel mechanism for defining triggers between infrastructure nodes during their pipelined deployment. This was first applied in Terraform Cloud in early 2020.

An image of US Patent US011223526

When we shipped it, I wrote the launch blog here if you want a more user-friendly description of what it does.

And, while I’m pleased with myself for being listed as an inventor and I can genuinely claim a portion of the credit for the idea, it wouldn’t have been possible without my team at the time. Casey and Krista are listed as co-inventors and indeed deserve the lion’s share of the credit, but I can’t forget the contributions of Stacy, Nicola, and the whole Terraform Cloud team that supported us.